Steve Lancefield


Certain formats and venues are ever popular. The pocket design is a great solution for keeping all cards together. Wax seals always add that specialfinishing touch to a design.

Villa Ephrussi in France and Il Borro in Italy are dream venues, with lots of inspiration and interesting histories.

Its these sort of stunning locations that can inspire beautiful designs.

Small pocket Invites Louise Richardson.jpg
Large pocket format Louise Richardson.jpg


Iā€™m still getting phone calls and emails congratulating us on the beautiful and wonderful wedding invitation.

The number of guests that booked their trip increased significantly after they received the invitation!

Just what I wanted! You were absolutely right when you said that the wedding invitation sets the tone for the day!!

Wax Seals Louise Richardson.jpg
Large pocket Louise Richardson.jpg
Large Pockets 2 Louise Ricardson.jpg
Villa Cimbrone Louise Richardson.jpg
Large Pockets 3 Louise Richardson.jpg
Villa Ephrussi Louise Richardson.jpg
Villa Ephrussi 2 Louise Richardson.jpg
Il Borro Louise Richardson.jpg