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As a graphic designer, it’s really important to me to give each client a totally unique suite of stationery, with elements that are truly personal to them. This is why all my stationery is absolutely bespoke.

During our first meeting I will ask lots of questions, its as much about me getting to know you, as you getting to know me.

If you have a planner then its good to bring them along too, so I get a complete picture of the overall vision for your event.

I will also conduct research into the location to see if there is anything that can inspire the stationery. Even the most minor detail can inform the idea for a design

I see it as commissioning a precious piece of wedding art to treasure. And it’s not just the invitation that is important, but every piece of stationery that guests experience.

Creating a cohesive suite ensures that guests are taken on a journey, where they will keep interacting with other pieces throughout the event. And then afterwards, when they finally receive their thank you cards.


Many of my previous clients have said that the stationery was the part they loved most about their wedding, which is such an amazing compliment!

My advice is always, keep it simple and do not try and incorporate too many ideas into the overall design.

For invitations you might have a design which is more formal, but for pieces like the table plan, have some fun, with themed ideas which are unique and personal to you.

Any print process can be arranged, from digital printing to laser etching, or even letterpress. Using unusual materials like suede or wood can also enhance the feel of your stationery and make it truly unique.


I have been lucky enough to have had my work feature in many publications and websites. Every time I see a piece in print or online it means a job well done!