For a wedding on the shores of Lake Como, this linen bound book contained all the information guests needed, including a timeline of events for the weekend.

It was also a sightseeing guide to the best locations around the lake. The cover featured the gates to Villa Pizzo and a sentimental quote, both foil blocked in gold.


Steve Lancefield

Gemma Greenman

Louise Richardson Villa Pizzo Wedding.jpg
Louise Richardson Lake como Wedding.jpg

Note of thanks

The majority of our guests have received them now, and we’ve had such AMAZING, positive feedback such as:

“the invitation is like an art piece and should be in Sotheby’s”

“so beautiful that I almost wanted to wash my hands before I touched it.”


Louise Richardson Villa Pizzo Wedding.jpg
Louise Richardson Villa Pizzo Wedding Invitation.jpg
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note of thanks

I would like to express how happy and grateful myself and Ilyas are with how the invitations turned out. You did such a fantastic job and we very much appreciate all the hard work you put into it, whilst remaining patient with us at all times.


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